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Claiming your free copy of Algy 2

Step 3: Load Algy 2 into your ClassPad hand-held device

First identify the model of your ClassPad hand-held device and then use the appropriate method as described below.

If you have a ClassPad 330 PLUS or ClassPad II (fx-CP 400):

  • If you have not already done so, download Algy 2
  • Turn your hand-held device on.
  • Use the USB cable supplied to connect the hand-held device to a computer (either Mac or Windows).
  • On your hand-held device choose the 'USB Flash' option. The hand-held device will then appear as a USB mass storage device on your computer.
  • On your computer, open the mass storage device and copy the Algy 2 file into the root directory.
  • Safely eject the mass storage device from your computer.
  • On your hand-held device choose Menu, scroll to the bottom of the screen (330 PLUS) or swipe to the second page of the MENU (ClassPad II) and you will see the Algy 2 icon. Tap the icon.
  • You are now ready to register Algy 2

If you have a ClassPad 300 / 300 Plus / 330:

Play movie

Please watch the movie (right), which steps you through how to load Algy 2 onto your ClassPad.

You will need:

  • a computer
  • a Casio ClassPad
  • the FA-CP1 software (bundled with your ClassPad) or ClassPad Manager installed on the computer
  • the ClassPad USB cable (bundled with your ClassPad, or any USB to mini-USB cable), and
  • the .cpa file from Step 2 of this process.

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